Installing Litepay OpenCart Crypto Payment Extension


LITEPAY OpenCart Crypto Payment Extension

OpenCart Crypto Payment Extension is a module created by Litepay.ch which allows you to accept crypto payments in minutes. If you are interested in reading more about how it works, check our merchant api page.

Installation takes a minute, just upload the files from checkout plugins in your root folder and activate it.


  • A Litepay Merchant account is needed for your plugin to work
  • Register clicking on the link above and create a vendor account. It’s easy and fast.
  • Once you have received the Secret Key and VendorID, you can continue with the OpenCart module installation.


  1. Upload module content to your OpenCart folder.


  1. Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Payments
  2. Look up “LitePay.ch PayGate” and press “+” (install), then click the pencil (edit)
  3. Enter
  • Secret Key; (32 chars)
  • Vendor ID; (6 chars)
  1. Select Paid status: choose the status you want the order to be after it has been paid.
  2. Select “Enabled” to Enabled to activate the plugin.

Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Now!